Rental Agencies in Mobile & Baldwin County

Using a Rental Agency to find a home and where to look.

Mobile and Baldwin County have a variety of new and older rental agencies that manage properties for owners. Some have started in sales and branches out into property management. Some only focus on finding tenants properties by selling lists of available properties.

Some places that rental management companies advertise if your looking for a home is, and If your looking for a rental home, be careful when searching on craigslist. While there are a lot of legitimate homes being advertised on craigslist, a few are guaranteed to be scams. The way the scam works is they steal legitimate photos of properties for sale or rent online. They then lower the price and replace the real owners phone number with the scammers. When you call the number, they will tell you they are out of town and to send in a deposit and they will send you the key. Since they don't have the key, and have never been in the property or have ownership you naturally never receive a lease or key to move in. Don't fall for this scam! If you really want to be safe use a licensed real estate rental company to locate your next home.

You can locate local ones by searching property management or rental agencies in your internet search engine like bing or google.