The Rent Experts Standardized Paint Colors

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One of biggest and most frustrating expenses as a rental owner is painting. It's one of those skills that everyone thinks they can do, but no one really wants too. Which is actually a good thing, since none of the amateurs have the skill they think they do! In an effort to save cost, The Rent Experts has standardized our paint choices.

How does standardizing paint choices help you?

FASTER- Standardized paint helps contractors paint faster by being familiar with the colors and products. Instead of waiting for decisions on paint colors we can offer two, popular choices that can be applied efficiently.

COST SAVINGS- Standardized paint also helps keep paint costs down by allowing us to touch up interiors faster. So if a tenant moves out, and the walls are in need of a quick touch up we will know what the paint color is for touch up and helps with a higher quality finished product. Faster turn around lowers your most costly expense, vacancy.

POPULAR- As an investor and rental owner, your time is better spent on other more important items instead of studying paint chips that always look different in various lighting environments. 


We have chosen Sherwin Williams as our paint supplier based on the advice of multiple professional paint contractors. 

We have TWO paint choices, one based on Gray and one based on Khaki/Beige, both in Satin Finish. 

Sherwin Williams Functional Gray SW 7024 (gray choice)

Sherwin Williams Realist Beige SW 6078 (khaki/beige choice)