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Homes for Rent in Mobile, AL

Areas and architecture of Homes for Rent in Mobile.

Looking for a home to rent in Mobile and not familiar with the area? Use this post as a cheat sheet for what you will find in the different areas of Mobile. Our office is located in Downtown Mobile. Downtown you will find upscale, historic buildings converted into lofts and apartments for rent and small shotgun homes on the outskirts. Downtown is great due to the high number of restaurants, libraries, and coffee shops.

Midtown usually has quite a few rental homes available as well. Midtown homes are also historic but typically single family or duplex style properties. They can be bungalows, greek revivals and everything in between. Midtown also has it's fair share of great places to eat, shopping and more. Callaghans in Oakleigh is popular for a burger, Kitchen on George offers Sunday Brunch. Even better you usually never more than ten minutes away from Downtown where Mobile's entertainment district is. The Rent Experts manages multiple houses in this area and even some apartment buildings in this area. Midtown is composed of a few historic areas. Specifically, Old Dauphinway, Oakleigh Garden District, and Leinkauf.

Springhill is a beautiful area with upscale homes some situated on golf courses and college campuses. The Springhill area is excellent if your looking for a larger property or want to be near Springhill Campus or a short drive to the University of South Alabama. 

West Mobile is for those who prefer newer construction. Most homes are single story brick dwellings with two car garages and built in the 90's or newer. As the city expands new shopping and entertainment has exploded west ward creating lots of opportunities for people to have everything they could want within just a few miles. The Rent Experts has lots of homes for rent in this area.

This is just a quick sampling of the areas of Mobile and a very abbreviated and generalized description of the types of homes we have for rent in these areas. Feel free to check out our website The Rent Experts for available homes for rent. 

Property Management in Mobile, Alabama

Why Use a Property Manager?


Property Management

Property management is a business that requires efficiency and skill. One misstep can lead to thousands in damages or vacancy. Having the right tools to do the job are what can determine success or failure as a landlord. Property managers, like The Rent Experts have the tools to increase the likelihood of success. While nothing in investing is guaranteed, being able to properly screen tenants can make all the difference in the world. The Rent Experts screens tenants with in depth credit reporting, criminal background and eviction history. 

On applications, previous addresses are verified using an online search system. References and landlords are called and verification of employment is implemented. Choosing a tenant is half the battle. Yet, this is still just one reason to use a property manager.

Solid property inspections using photographs and software help insure you know the condition of the property when the tenant moves in. This can assist with keeping deposits and placing charges in the event of damages. Another great system that The Rent Experts offers is an online payment portal. Tenants can pay rent with credit cards, debit cards, and checks online. In addition, we have a drop off location for rent and can autodraft. Payments can be sent to property owners electronically or by check like clockwork.

There are many other reasons to use a property manager. Correct forms and legal procedures being followed, rental knowledge of the market, local knowledge of Mobile and Baldwin County and more. If you think you may be interested in having your rental property managed, give us a call at 251.299.2100 to setup a consultation. We are always happy to be of service.