Frequently Asked Question


Questions Commonly Asked By Applicants and Interested Renters


Do you pull credit?

Yes, we do pull credit to protect our owners from bad tenants. We will work with people who have poor credit in some circumstances where income can be verified, references are given and signs of improvement are shown.


How much is the application fee?

We  charge a $30.00 application fee which covers the cost of pulling credit, criminal and eviction history along with the time to verify income and references.


How do I start the process? How do I apply?

Just go to the top of this website, and click apply! You can pay the $30.00 application fee online or bring in certified funds.  You can also click here! 


How much is required down to rent?

On every property we require a security deposit equal to one months rent, and the first months rent paid in advance. In addition, we require nonrefundable pet fee's for every pet.


Do you check eviction history or criminal? 

Yes, we check for past evictions and run a criminal history report on every applicant. 


Do you allow pets?

Majority of our properties do allow pets with a non refundable pet fee. 


Do you allow smoking in any of your properties?

No, with absolutely no exceptions smoking is prohibited in all of our rental properties. 


Do you accept cash?

No, we don't accept any cash payments. We accept credit and debit, certified funds and checks. 


Do you accept Section 8?

While we welcome Section 8 tenants, some property owners do not want to have to go thru the Section 8 process or procedures. Please check the ad to see if it mentions the property accepts Section 8.

 Is there a direct number for people needing management of their rental properties?

For investors, property owners and people with questions regarding managing their properties please call the direct line at 251.232.4269. For all tenant inquiries please use the front desk number, 251.299.2100.